About ABio

ABio Sdn Bhd

A-BIO Sdn Bhd (A-BIO) is an investment company that was established by the Malaysian government in 2009 to nurture the growth of innovative, high growth companies in Malaysia, with focus on bio-industry and other emerging technology areas. A-BIO was established under MIGHT (Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology) as its wholly-owned subsidiary, in support of the national mandate to advance high technology industry development of the country.

A-BIO’s mission is to increase the number of viable, competitive companies in strategic and high value-added areas, and thus contribute to the economic growth and competitiveness through innovation and strategic collaboration. For first phase, A-BIO Fund is dedicated for investment in majority-owned Bumiputera (indigenous) companies. In delivering our goals, we nevertheless advocates ‘win-win’ partnerships with other partners with synergistic strengths in order to achieve a successful business outcome and deliver impact to the country. A-BIO provides the critical funding through direct equity capital instruments to promote commercialization and high growth businesses. In line with our syndicated funding approach, we act as a catalyst to leverage private sector capital to channel investment and funds into high technology-based areas, encouraging risk sharing in high risk ventures in strategic areas that offers attractive return on investment, and thus spur economic growth and creation of jobs.